Lessons I learned from my Web and Graphic design internship at Digitcom

My first internship term is almost over, and I wanted to share valuable lessons that I learned as a Web/Graphic Design intern at Digitcom.

I prepared as much as I could by researching about the company, going through their social media platforms. I watched a couple of youtube videos by Digitcom to better understand their products and services.

For some reason, when the interview started, I forgot everything I had prepared before. I decided to be myself and have a regular conversation, just like the way I do when I meet someone in person. And you know what? I had such an amazing interview, and it felt like it was a friendly conversation with someone I knew before.

During that 30-minute talk, David and Ejaye gave me so much information about their company and what they are expecting from me to do for Digitcom. I was very excited to hear about all those information, and after one week, I signed the contract and started my internship.

I couldn’t be more grateful for becoming a part of such an amazing and supportive team.

This work term came to an end very quickly, and I wanted to share some valuable lessons that I learned during my internship.

Show initiative

Are you passionate about what you’re doing? Show it to your employer! Ask them about additional tasks or any help from your side. Share your opinion and suggest new ways of solving problems.

If you don’t have enough works to do, tell them where you are good at and what you can do for them; sometimes, you have to ask for opportunities.


Be open to any opportunities.

Don’t be afraid. Let them know if you are enjoying the work, sharing the progress and what you are doing is as important as getting the work done. The employer knows things you know and things that are hard for you. Sometimes internship can be a learning curve for you. Do you have a spare minute after your working day is over? Listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos that are related to your field.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You’ll probably have tons of questions, don’t be afraid to ask them! It’s okay not to know everything. You’re just a student, please, remember it! I was so lucky to have a patient supervisor (Ejaye, Anurag and David) who answered all of my questions and helped me to adapt to the new environment quickly.

Share your feelings

Are you overwhelmed with your tasks? Speak out. Believe me, all employers and supervisors were in the same shoes. Nobody will make you do something. Employers will be ready to provide additional help to you if you need it. You aren’t alone on this battlefield.

Ask for feedback

Be open to feedback

It is important to know your weak spots and work on them. Your mentors want to see you do better and all the feedback they are giving to you is valuable. Don’t forget to note down everything and work on it later.

Speak Up

It is important to show yourself as a person, friendly conversations are also very important like formal conversations. You should have a good connection with your team when you are working with them.

Be on-time

Remember, punctuality is the key to success. Be ready with your laptop 30 minutes before the actual start time of your work. Start your work in a steady and slow manner, don’t rush. Write down the tasks of the day and make sure you complete at least 80 % of them before the evening.

Stretch and give your eyes some rest.

It is important to give yourself some rest. Don’t push too hard if you can’t. Some employers are open to stretch the working hours as long as you do finish all the tasks on time. Take a 15-minute break if you need to. It is all about productivity and how effective your works are.

Your goal should be delivering quality results.

To sum up, I want to truly thank Digitcom for this amazing work term, I hope, there is much more to come!

Simplicity is the key to success.

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Sree Padikkal

Sree Padikkal

Simplicity is the key to success.

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